A Simple Breakfast

We have a beagle/Labrador mix with a great nose and growing red zone. Ella is about a year and a half old. She’s a sweetie. Very loving and loyal, but with an ornery streak. Not long after realizing that she’s tall enough to reach the top of the kitchen counter with her snout, she’s begun to expand her exploration area. Namely, food left in the six to eight inches nearest the edge of the counter. That’s the red zone.

We’ve gotten a lot better about keeping goodies out of reach, but there are those moments.

This morning, all I wanted for breakfast was a bagel and strawberry cream cheese. My youngest daughter had made herself just that before school. I dropped off everyone at school (my wife teaches), drove home, warmed up my coffee, and popped a fresh bagel in the toaster. I turned to the fridge. No cream cheese. That was irritating. I just bought that stuff a day or so ago, and I watched my daughter use it no more than half an hour ago.

I looked behind all the clutter on the counter, in the pantry, went back to the fridge and looked behind all the leftovers in those little disposable Tupperware-wannabe containers. Nothing.

Ella meantime, was especially bouncy. She wanted to play chase through the house. She grabbed a couple of toys and dropped them at my feet. This isn’t her usual style. She usually climbs on the sofa and curls up on a pillow until about noon. Why would she be so amped up now?

I walked around the kitchen table to pick up an old candy wrapper from the floor, and happened to glance out the patio door to the back porch. There is was. Just inches away from the doggy door was a partially chewed, but completely empty red and white plastic tub that read: “Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread 16 oz”. Clearly, the red zone has been expanded.

I ate some stupid cereal.


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