My Greatest Goal in Life

I love teaching in college classrooms. I’ve been fortunate enough to teach communication, news writing and broadcast journalism for a handful of universities over the years in Oklahoma and here in North Carolina.

During the first few days of class, I have always given my students early access to a bonus question they will see on their final exam. (Not that big a deal, I suppose, but it’s worth enough points to save them if they manage to blow an entire essay response on the test.) That question is: “What is the greatest goal in my life?” Not their lives. My life. I spell it out bit by bit early in the course, and eventually just blurt it out after a few days.

This isn’t an ego trip so much as it’s an incentive to show up to class. During the course of our classes, I will offer clues to the answer. Needless to say, I’ve not yet attained this goal, nor do I pursue it with much vigor. I’ve always assumed it as an acquired state of being, this goal. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. The fact that I’m not there yet and obvious reason why make up its pure entertainment value.

No, I’m not telling. A, I don’t have a teaching gig lined up right now, and B, that would be cheating. Go to class.

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