Middle School Grant

We got the grant! (Sort of)

Just before the end of the school year last spring, I was able to help social studies teacher David Groce (one of my wife’s co-workers) write a PTSA grant application. We were hoping to buy a telescope for the school and the astronomy club that David helped put together. As it turns out, the PTSA isn’t allowed to offer grants to school clubs that would only be active after school hours. However, an anonymous donor decided the telescope was a good idea.

We still don’t know who offered us the money, but the Northwest Guilford Middle School Astronomy Club is now that proud owner of a computerized 6″ Dobsonian telescope.

David and I built it after it was shipped during the last weeks of school. It’s been sitting in the library ever since, but all that changes this week. The weather is expected to cooperate, and now that daylight saving time is over for the year, it will be nice and dark early in the evening. It looks like this Friday night the mighty Dob will see “first light” (astronomer lingo for using a scope for the first time).



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