Corporate Video

There are better ways to get your message across than grabbing a smartphone camera and hoping the video goes viral. To my mind, it’s all about good storytelling. As your producer, writer or voice over talent, I’ll never forget the fact that your story contains a personal element with the potential to touch lives in a meaningful way.

I’ve included a few examples here of projects I’ve produced for various clients with critical storytelling elements in mind. (The Richard Childress Racing Tribute piece that I produced and wrote for a Bloom Agency client, I’m proud to say, won a 2011 Telly Award! It’s first here on the list.) Please have a look, and don’t hesitate to let me know if they inspire an idea that just might help you.

Videography and editing by Apex Video Productions.


Next, a piece I produced and wrote for another Bloom Agency client: Hatch Early Childhood. This was created for a conference highlighting the relationship between Hatch and Microsoft.

Videography and editing by Apex Video Productions.


This piece was produced to highlight our launch of a real-time online news network exclusively devoted to the global energy industry: Energy News Live.

Videography and editing by Ackerman/McQueen.


Next: a couple of pieces I wrote, produced and voiced for another Bloom client, Primo Water. The first is a VNR created for a special event in Concord, MA, and the other; a fun clip destined for the client website:


This is a sample of a series of Oklahoma history pieces I wrote and produced for local McDonald’s restaurants with local station imaging in mind.

Videography and editing by KTUL-TV.