Astronomy Weather and Snake Bite

The weather this winter has been really mild temperature-wise, but the skies most open Friday nights have either been cloudy or rainy. My grandfather would say we’ve been “snake bit”. We have yet to get our middle schoolers out under the stars with the new school telescope this year.

Worse, the computer hand-control we received with the scope isn’t working. After setting everything up a few months ago for a trial run, I ended up with a blank screen on the controller. Orion’s customer service was great about it. All we need to do is send it back with the order receipt and they’ll ship us a new one. Actually, Orion did one better. They’ve offered to send us a new controller even before the faulty one gets to them. Very nice.
Meantime, if we could just get the skies and David’s school schedule to line up, we can still get Celeste out under the stars. I think the kids would get a kick out of what’s up there right now. Jupiter is still in a good spot for the next few months, and Mars is coming around for some good viewing this spring. Fingers crossed.