I’ve been writing for the whole of my professional life. Broadcasting is certainly the most visible part of my career, but behind it has always been the writing. One of the greatest fortunes of my life was being able to work during what I think were the glory days of local television news. The “happy talk” era was ending, and the age of the local affiliate satellite uplink was beginning. It afforded me the opportunity to spend time on the road telling the stories of people in remote regions of my home state who otherwise may never have been known. It gave me the chance to be a witness to history, and develop unique life experiences that still resonate in my work today.

Here you’ll find examples that highlight the writing that went into those stories, marketing projects and copywriting. In some cases, they also include examples of the live presentation that went with them.

First, a sampler of work from a career in television and online news.

The following are examples of marketing copywriting for Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem, NC including PDF copies Tech Quarterly Magazine. I wrote extensively for these publications. Here you will also find various examples of copywriting I did in the form of a course brochure and driver’s program information.